Book Review: Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Yesterday I taught basic Mouse at the public library. While there I checked out an arm load of books.  Last night I asked my youngest to grab a book for me to read as I was in bed.  I nearly finished Stargirl then but was just too sleepy.  I finished it in about thirty minutes today after homeschool.  It was fabulous!

Stargirl by Jerry  Spinelli is about a 16 year old boy going to a typical high school in Arizona.  One day a new girl arrives. Rumored to have always been homeschooled Stargirl is different in all kinds of ways.  She doesn’t walk through the halls she dances.  She sings Happy Birthday to people in the school cafeteria while strumming a ukulele.  She has a pet mouse that travels everywhere with her. The students become fascinated and horrified by her in turns. It’s a great book for the middle school set or the YA lover.

Check your local library or buy your copy on Amazon.

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Thoughts on Technology

Recently my oldest child, D, turned fourteen.  I’m a member of an online women’s group for women that all had babies in 2001. We’ve been together since 2000. Of the group I’m the only homeschooler. A few days ago they were discussing the fact that many of their teenagers have been given laptops in school and their younger children iPads. The ones that don’t have this were bemoaning the “backwardness” of their school systems. So I had a talk with D about it. Does she feel disadvantaged to not have an iPad or laptop (we have a home desktop)? She thought for a moment and said, “No way. I know how to use technology. When a friend has some new gadget I can always pick it up and learn it in a few minutes, but those school kids don’t know how to look up a word in a dictionary or find a book at the library (she did 6th and part of 7th in public school). The technology is great but real books don’t need to be upgraded and don’t get old in just a couple of years.” I said that by the time she’s in college probably everything will be e-books for her textbooks. She said, “It’s ok, I’ll figure it out. You’ve been teaching me all this time to learn for myself.”

In the end I think it is important for children to use technology in a general way but I believe technology changes too rapidly for school systems or me to invest in the technology on a constant basis. However, the basic fundamentals of how to learn never go away. What do you all think?

Hello Internet

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog for several months now. I don’t think I’ll have any followers but apparently talking to yourself online is considered far more sane than talking to yourself in real life.

I’m a mother of two. I work part time from home. I home school. To make ends meet I also dog sit and enter a lot of contests.

I love books and words and sewing and fabric. I’ll try to keep the blog updated with what I’m reading and sewing. And sometimes the dogs I’m sitting.  Who knows maybe I’ll even think to put in home school activities.